***** Appetizers *****

Mozzarella Salad


Fresh Soup of the Day                                     4,50€

Vegetable Soup - with fresh regional products


Bread Soup (Madeira Traditional Soup)             4,50€

Bread, Savory, egg, oil pepper


Tomato soup                                                    4,50€

Tomato, Onion, Poached egg and roasted bread


Fish and Seafood Soup                                     6,50€

Fish and seafood


Mozzarella with Tomato Salade                        6,50€

Mozzarella cheese, tomato and fresh herbs

drizzled with pesto olive oil


Avocado with Shrimps                                     7,00€

Avocado with ‘crème fresh’, fresh herbs and shrimps


‘Mirandesa’ Sausage on Bread                        7,50€

‘Mirandesa’ sausage on bread and fresh herbs 




*************** Main Course ***************


***** Fish *****

Charcoal Grilled Tuna Fish


Black Scabbardfish Fillet with Banana                                    14,00 €

Black scabbard fish with banana and passion fruit sauce


Charcoal grilled Tuna Fish on a Planka                                    15,00 €

Tuna fish served on an Oak Plank with fresh Potatoes,

Tomato and Salad


Salmon on an Oak Plank                                                        15,50 €

Salmon, Mashed potatoes, fresh vegetable, tomato and

Hollandaise Sauce


Cod Fish                                                                              15,50 €

Oven Baked Cod, boiled potatoes and steamed cabbage

drizzled with olive oil


Madeira Trout                                                                       15,00 €

Served on an Oak Plank with fresh

vegetables and potatoes


Planka Octopus                                                                      18,00 €

Octopus served with flavored potatoes and salad



***** Meat *****

T´bone of Mirandesa Veal on a Planka


Stuffed Chicken Breast with Sausages                                   14,00 €

Chicken breast browned in olive oil served with potatoes,

cream sauce and sautéed spinach


Pork tenderloin flattened                                                    14,00€

Pork Tenderloin with Green Pepper sauce, fresh mushrooms,

Potato rolled and Mixed Salad


Pork Neck                                                                         15,00 €

Pork neck, Stuffed potatoes and sautéed vegetables


Mixed variety of delicious Charcoal grilled Meat                   16,50 €

‘Mirandesa’ Veal, Pork, Chicken and a Sausage

‘Churrasquito Transmontano’


Hock Lamb in the oven                                                      21,00 €

Hock Lamb served on an Oak Plank with fresh

vegetables and potatoes




***** Mirandesa Veal Specialities *****

Veal Steaks on Planka


Veal Steaks on Planka                                    14,50€

 Little steaks with fresh mushrooms, fried round potatoes and 

cream sauce 


 Mirandesa Veal Topside                                     16,00€

Nape of Mirandesa Veal, Mashed Potato and Vegetables


Madeira Traditional Skewer (Espetada)             16,50€

‘Mirandesa’ meat on a Skewer, Fries, fried corn and mixed Salad


Plank steak of ’Mirandesa’ Veal                        17,00 €

Veal Steak served with Green Pepper and fresh mushrooms sauce,  fried

round potatoes and Mixed Salad


Posta ’Mirandesa’ (Veal steak)                           19,50€

‘Posta Mirandesa’ is a patented name for a steak grilled on charcoal 

is served on an Oak Plank with fresh vegetable and

mashed potatoes, salt and Béarnaise sauce is served

aside for you to enjoy the true flavour of this meat


 T'bone of ’Mirandesa’ Meat                             24,50€

A T-bone grilled on charcoal served on an Oak Plank with

fresh Vegetables and fried round potatoes

salt and Béarnaise sauce is served aside 

for you to enjoy the true flavour of this meat



The Mirandesa Meat is a protected designation of origin (PDO) The set won national renown

because the meat of Mirandesa race is of exceptional quality.

Studies conducted by the Superior Technology and Viana do Castelo School of Management

Confirm that the veal and calf Mirandesa race is low in fat.


The Food Science Laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, held a

working nastiness by sampling 10% of Mirandesa meat carcasses and confirmed the

complete absence of residues including antibiotics, steroids, b-agonists and hormones.




  • Posta Mirandesa

  • Veal Steaks on Planka

***** Desserts *****


Orange roll cake                                                 4,50€

Slices of Orange pie served with Chocolate Ice Cream


Lime Mousse                                                      4,50€

Fresh cream, condensed milk, Lime Juice


Chocolate Mousse                                             4,50€

Chocolate and eggs


Passion fruit Mousse                                         4,50€

Fresh cream, condensed milk and passion fruit juice


Home made Ice cream with Peanut                  4,50€

Home made Ice cream served with grated Peanut


Biscuit Cream                                                      4,50€

Fresh cream, condensed milk and maria biscuite


Chocolate and Lime mousse                               5,00€

Chocolate and Lime mousse with crunchy Biscuit