* * * * * * * * New Year`s Menu * * * * * * * *

Menu 1



Vegetable Soup


Main :

 Fish: Oven baked "Bacalhau" (Cod Fish) in flavored potato bed and salad

 Meat: Lamb Shank with roasted potatoes and vegetables of the season 


Menu 2



Tomato Creme


Fish: Octopus served in flavored potato bed and salad

Meat: Oven baked Mirandesa Veal with roasted potatoes and vegetables of the season



 A variety of desserts will be made available for the customer to choose from.


Price 75€ per person (Drinks are not included)



One Glass of Sparkling wine will be served at the beginning of the fireworks  The Terrace at restaurante Planka offers one of the best spots to watch the New Year’s fireworks show, it will be opened at around 23:30